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We will share infographics and data about visitors, from the two Gotex SHOW editions, made in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

  • With over than 10,000 visitors from different countries, such as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, United States, Pakistan and South Korea, as well as Brazil.
  • In Brazil, the state with the highest participation in visitation was São Paulo. Only 18% account for other states.
  • The most present visitor profile were, in order: clothing manufacturers, importers, sales representatives, designers, retailers of physical stores and e-commerce
  • Visitors market position are: 51% in mass market, 21% in premium market, 12% in luxury market (high fashion) and 16% work in multiple markets (broadcast)
  • The main interest of the visitors to the Gotex SHOW fair was in tissue exposure (63%), followed by clothing (28%) and finally the bed department, table and bath (10%).


Number and nationalities


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Visitors Profile

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Visitors from Brazil

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Market position

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Visitors Interest Category

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Visitors position in the companies

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