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The NEW DESIGNERS BRAZIL Contest is an initiative that aims to place side by side raw materials manufacturers and new designers to perform creations, promoting the integration of the textile production chain, taking place alongside the GOTEX SHOW fair.

São Paulo is the most important city in Brazil when it comes to the textile industry and the creation of fashion. The textile and apparel sector is responsible for a significant number of jobs and carry a great historical importance in the city, that has in this segment the bases of its industrialization. The state of São Paulo alone accounts for 29% of the employed workforce in all links of the textile production chain in Brazil. There are nearly 500,000 people working in São Paulo textile industry, according to the “Instituto de Estudos e Marketing Industrial – IEMI”.

The textile industry and the synergy of its production chain mix work, passion, technology and art, valuing talents of men and women in the field, chemists, researchers, weavers, seamstresses, pattern makers, embroiderers, lace makers, designers and many other professionals that offers their craft in favor of one of the sectors that most employ in this country.

The NDB project can foster a long-term partnership of these future professionals with the global textile industry, through the relationship with major clothing and textile mills worldwide. It’s a project for young designers still in formation that can become an opportunity, in other words, it’s the gateway for them in the national – or even international – market”, said Pan Faming, GOTEX SHOW’s executive director of the organizing committee.

Fernanda Garcia was the big winner of the New Designers Brazil 3rd edition.

Once again GOTEX SHOW hosted the final of the New Designers Brazil Contest (NDB). The 10 finalists presented their collections in GOTEX Fashion Show and were evaluated by creativity, originality, concept, suitability for the winter season and the theme “SAMBA – 100 YEARS SETTING THE RHYTHM OF BRAZILIAN SWING”.

Fernanda Garcia was the big winner of the contest 3rd edition presenting the collection “Praça Onze”, which refers to a historical place, a meeting point for cultural exchanges in the city of Rio de Janeiro where the Samba songs started to be created.

“I am very happy with the investment the show and the competition are making on the new designers. When you win an event of this dimension it is as if the path you have chosen made sense, this feeling is very gratifying”. Fernanda Garcia, winner of NDB Contest 2016.

The 2016 NDB Finalists:

  • Fernanda Garcia – Centro Universitário SENAC Santo Amaro;
  • Glauber Santasofia – Faculdade Paulista de Artes;
  • Isabela Boschiero – IED Istituto Europeo di Design;
  • Lucas Santos – Universidade Anhanguera de São Paulo Campus ABC;
  • Marcos Carvalho – Centro Universitário Anhanguera – Unidade Santana;
  • Pedro Valarino – Centro Universitário SENAC Santo Amaro;
  • Pipo Acebedo – Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas;
  • Priscila Cipriani – Universidade Anhembi Morumbi;
  • Rebecca Publio – Faculdade Santa Marcelina;
  • Vitor Shiabata – IED Istituto Europeo di Design.

The novelty of this year was the popular vote held on facebook page of the GOTEX Show. The internet sweetheart, student Pedro Valarino, developed a feminine collection “The turban goes down the hill” which was shared 2,192 times and received 556 likes.

Francesco Bogarin winner of the New Designers Brasil 2015 was the guest of the night presenting 8 looks from the collection “Samba: Pain and Joy”. “I returned to the GOTEX Fashion Show and was able to relive this emotion once again. The contest brought me knowledge and opened many doors” said the young designer.

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Francesco Bogarin won the 2nd edition of the New Designers Brazil

Francesco Bogarin, 20, student of the University Center Anhanguera, was the winner of the 2nd edition of the NEW DESIGNERS BRAZIL (NDB), which had as its theme “Piratininga: the São Paulo as mixed ethnicities”. The finals took place on Tuesday night (09.29.15) and had the parade of 40 looks. The jury evaluated the creativity, originality, concept, appropriateness to the theme and season (winter 2016). Each finalist presented an adult collection, consisting of four looks, as well as reproduction of one of the looks of the collection for Susi or Beto, from Estrela’s toy company.

Earned the first place in the contest, as a prize won a trip to China.

“Tillage of Frontiers” was the inspiration for the collection of Francesco. In 1870, immigrants with their cultures created the São Paulo diversity. The neighborhood of Bom Retiro is the diversity icon in Sao Paulo, emerging inter-ethnic society of immigrants, mixing the exotic black population, the cold stare of Korean, Jewish behavior and good taste in dress of the Italians, are the strongest vanguard of references and city style. “I was inspired in Bom Retiro, a district where I live and where there is a lot of mixture and mix of cultures. There are the vanguard, the differences and the fashion of Sao Paulo, “said the winner, who took as a prize a fashion research trip to China. All the pieces presented in the parade will now be on display at the fair Gotex SHOW.

Another highlight of the evening was the presentation of the invited designer Jessica Jin, who won the 1st edition of NDB held in 2014. With eight looks, the Jinju collection was inspired by the Brazilian Indians Karajás and the fairy tales of Korean typical.

“We are pleased to accomplish another edition of this project that encourages creativity, innovation and develops the potential of the new young and talented generation in fashion. The NDB provides several opportunities for these future professionals, as the gateway to the national and even international market and generate business, showing to the world the talent and the ability of Brazilian’s design”, said Pan Faming, GOTEX SHOW’s Organizing Committee Executive Director.

Besides the winner, were among the finalists: Danilo Ibrahim and Jack Vailatt, from SENAI; Fernanda Douat, Mariana Takikawa and Renata De La Rosa, from IED – Istituto Europeo di Design; Rafael Scaranaro, da Faculdade Anhanguera; Luiza Zanutto from SENAC; Marina Rodrigues from Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo and Rodrigo Rooka, from Anhembi Morumbi.

Check out some photos of the NDB’s 2nd edition

About the First Edition

The 2014 contest, aimed to fashion students in São Paulo, had the theme “Brazilian’s Chinese New Year – 2015 The Year of the Goat”. The purpose of the contest was to insert graduating designers in contact with raw materials manufacturers, the fair exhibitors, making possible exchanges between young creators and the global textile industry.

The NDB promoted the development of differentiated products with international raw materials and Brazilian design, encouraging Brazil to invest in design and new designers, essential condition to act as a major player on the international scene.

Simultaneously, NDB established a relationship between GO TEX SHOW and major educational institutions with fashion courses in São Paulo, representing the new brazilian generation on the textile sector, showing the many young talent existing in São Paulo, strengthening innovation and creativity.

The NDB included a presentation of GO TEX SHOW and Audaces, sponsored by China Trade Center Group, chinese textile mills as Huarong Kunshan, Jiangyi Weipeng, Jiangsu Highhope and taiwanese Chain Yarn. As a prize, the winner of the competition received a license from the Audaces Idea Full Creation Software.

It was showed the work of seven young designers, and the winner of the contest was the student of the Istituto Europeo di Design, Jessica Jin, 25, with “Buddha’s Feast” collection. The student did an excellent work using the Chinese horoscope legend.


In parallel to the fair, with the objective of increasing the synergy between Brazilians and Chineses, the organizers sponsored the realization of the Contest NEW DESIGNERS BRAZIL, for the fashion students from São Paulo city, which happened on the first day of the event, gathering 450 guests. On the second day, the Organizing Committee promoted the “Textile Forum China-Brazil”, which was planned in order to contribute to the exchange of experiences between speakers, exhibitors and visitors.

“My inspiration came from the legend that originated the Chinese horoscope, where Buddha invited all the animals to feast and only 12 showed up, so he presented each one of them with a year. The Goat is one of those special animals! I wondered how she would have dressed to perform to Buddha if this meeting was in Brazil. The poetic license led me to a collection inspired by the fictional presentation of Buddha Goat woman. It was very hard to complete the collection, but in the end it was amazing to see the final result, especially knowing that a competent and technical jury chose my collection as the winner!” Said the excited winner of contest, Jessica Jin.

The young designers presented a collection of four looks made with fabrics from China and Taiwan. Besides the winner, were among the finalists: Priscilla Prado, Zack Grabeel and Rodrigo Rooka, from Anhembi Morumbi’s University , Anderson France, from Paulista de Artes’ Faculty, and Janaína Eivissa and Danilo Ibrahim, from SENAI Antoine Skaf’s Technologic Faculty.


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