“The fair was a good opportunity to meet Brazilian entrepreneurs from São Paulo and other states like Parana, Santa Catarina and Pernambuco. We represent large and small businessmen from Peru. The large ones already do business with major Brazilian retailers, and at ‘Gotex SHOW, we look to promote small business owners who already have the capacity to export and attend Brazilian businessmen”, said P. Sánchez, Investments Promotion Director of the Commercial Office from Peru.


“We managed to find at the show the right audience for our product.” The Pakistani company, created in 1935, which has a vertical production, operating from cotton growing to the manufacturing of the clothes. Already caters to Brazilian companies and other major world markets like USA, Europe, China and Japan. “Our participation in Gotex SHOW was a major effort to expand our operations in Brazil. We received businessmen from São Paulo, Sergipe, Minas Gerais, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul who are interested in working with us. Brazil is already our main market in South America, but we believe that we have room to grow even more, and certainly, we will be in the next edition of the fair”, said M.M. Iqbal, director of Mahmood Group.


“We participated in the Gotex SHOW 2014 because we decided to face our international competitors on equal terms. If exhibitors from other countries come to Brazil to showcase their products, we must do the same. Our participation served to analyze our level of competitiveness. We understand that, in the factory, we are fully competitive. But outside the factory, we face the ‘Brazilian costs’, which puts us at a disadvantage. We went to the fair in search of a greater visibility for our brand, in order to prospect and make new partnerships”, said N.F. Junior, Commercial Director from Elite, traditional brazilian brand of sports segment.


“We brought to the fair, firsthand, a silk with metallic threads that, when in move, creates a beautiful movement effect. The product is a world premiere. It is unprecedented in retail and we have not sold to any company yet, but we expect to provide it to the United States and Europe until the end of the year. “G. Chen – Marketing Manager of Holding Fareastetex.

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