Textiles entities confirm support for Go Tex Show 2013



Various associations and unions in the textile sector have entered into support for “ GO TEX SHOW 2013 – International Fair of Textile Products “, which is designed to strengthen Textile trade relations between Brazil and China. Important representatives of the textile industry realized that the show will democratize information and the access of small and medium enterprises to quality products. More than 20% of the fair exhibitors already do business with large companies in Brazil, which perform often import of raw materials and finished products from China.

The GO TEX SHOW 2013 has the support of entities: Abravest – Brazilian Clothing Association ; Alobras – Tenants Association of Brás ; Sinvest / GO – Garment Industry Union of the State of Goiás ; Scatvaesp – Union of Wholesale Textiles and Clothing of São Paulo , Sinroupas – Union of Clothing Clothing Industries in Goiania General ; Sindivest / MS – Union of the Clothing Industry, Weaving and Spinning of Mato Grosso do Sul ; Sicon – the State Union of Clothing Industries Tocantins and Sindiveste / DF – Clothing Industries of the Union of Federal District .

“The fairs held exclusively for the textile sector are the best channels of knowledge to update businesses. With the arrival of ‘GO TEX SHOW 2013’, all textile segments will be present, bringing the world to Brazilian clothing manufacturers. The industries, especially small and medium-sized, have the opportunity to contact new suppliers and thus make your organization a competitive edge, “says Roberto Chadad – President Abravest – Brazilian Clothing Association .

“We, the presidents of Trade Unions Textiles from the Midwest, we know the importance of a fair like ‘GO TEX SHOW 2013’ for small and medium enterprises from our region. We support the show because we believe that it will enable our members access to products that will make a difference in design questions, quality and price, making our collections more attractive and competitive, “said José Divine Arruda President of Sinvest / GO – Union of Garment Industry of the State of Goiás.

The “ Go TEX Show 2013″ is sponsored by Group China Trade Center with the support of CCCT – China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles and Clothing and CCPIT TEX – China Council for the Promotion of International Trade through the Sub-Council of Textile Industry . The organization of the fair is the FCEM – Trade Shows, Conferences and Project , the promoter company of the largest and most important trade fair of machines and supplies for the textile industry in Brazil.

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