Lectures about procedures for export of products in the GO TEX SHOW


The GO TEX SHOW – International Fair of Textile Products which began yesterday and ends tomorrow (29/10) recorded 1,195 visitors in its first day. The show has about 200 exhibitors from Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Pakistan, Peru, Singapore and Taiwan haberdashery, fabrics, home textiles and garments.

The show aims to offer Brazilian businessmen opportunities to develop business relationships with companies from other countries. For it also offers on Tuesday, October 28, a schedule of free lectures that explain how Brazilian companies can export to the Chinese and international markets, the taxation for international trade in goods and as to seek financing.

The main highlight of the program is the topic “Current Panorama of Chinese Textile Industry and the Way for Brazilian companies reach the world’s largest market” in which the president of CCCT – China Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Textiles , Jiang Hui address at 15:00, as Brazilian companies can export to the Chinese market.

The program will be held on Tuesday, October 28, also includes the following topics:

16:00 – “How to be a player in the international market even if it is small?” – Mauro José Pereira – Abravest

17:00 – “The Brazilian taxation of international trade in goods” – Marcelo Granato – BGR Lawyers

17:30 – “Financing for innovation projects” – Gilberto Fioravante – Develops SP

18:00 – “Anticipation of receivables for micro, small and medium enterprises” – Junior Stocco – Federal Invest

18:30 – “Summer Trends 2016” – Iolanda Wultz – Guide Jeanswear

18:30 – Debate: “Green Textile – Best

Sustainable practices in the textile industry “- Mediators: Vivi Haydu – Magazine Textiles and Hélvio Jr. – EMF.





GO TEX SHOW 2014 – International Fair of Textile Products

Date: October 27 to 29, 2014

Local: Expo Center North – Pavilion Amarelo

Otto Baumgart 1000 Street – Vila Guilherme

São Paulo-SP

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