Jessica Jin wins the New Designers Brazil contest

25-year student of fashion Istituto Europeo di Design Course, Jessica Jin like technical jury and audience with collection titled “Buddha’s Feast” and has established itself as the winner of the first edition of the Contest NEW DESIGNERS BRAZIL ( NDB) . “My inspiration came from the legend that gave rise to the Chinese horoscope where Buddha invited all the animals to feast and only 12 show up and are presented with a year. The Goat is one of those special animals! I wondered how it would dressed to perform the Buddha this meeting was in Brazil. The poetic license led me to a collection inspired by the fictional presentation of Buddha Goat woman. It was a job and complete both parts of the collection, but it was amazing to see the result end and especially knowing that a technical and competent jury chose my collection as the winner, “ emotional declared the winner of the contest. The winner of the contest was awarded a Creative Software license to use Audaces Idea Full .

Aimed at students of fashion courses of educational institutions of the city of São Paulo, the NDB featured six finalists besides winning: Anderson France Paulista School of Arts (Anderson France), Danilo Ibrahim and Janaina Esvissa the Faculty of Technology SENAI Antoine SKAF and Priscilla Prado, Rodrigo Rooka and Zack Grabeel the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. The NDB includes the presentation of the “GO TEX SHOW” and Audaces , sponsored by China Trade Center Group and the Chinese weaving Kunshan Huarong , Jiangyin Weipeng and Jiangsu Highhope and Taiwan Chain Yarn and with the support of CCCT – China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textile and Apparel , CCPIT TEX – The Sub-council of Textile Industry, China Council for The Promotion of International Trade , Group China Trade Center and EMF -. Trade shows, Conferences and Project The looks of all the finalists can be viewed at the exhibition mounted GO TEX SHOW which ends tomorrow (29/10) up to 20 hours.

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