GO TEX SHOW 2014 Seminar Schedule

The “ GO TEX SHOW 2014 – International Fair of Textile Products “, which takes place between 27th and 29th October at the Yellow Pavilion of Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo (SP), will feature the realization of the “Seminar GO TEX SHOW 2014” , with topics of interest to the textile and apparel sector and with a debate on sustainable practices for the sector.

The organizing committee of the “GO TEX SHOW 2014 ” means that the seminar is of paramount importance for the textile market. “We want to give subsidies to Brazilian businessmen have clear information about exporting to the Chinese consumer market, besides discussing cleaner production for the domestic textile industry,” says Pan Faming, executive director of the organizing committee of the fair.


Development Seminar “GO TEX SHOW 2014”

28.10.2014- Tuesday

15:00 – “Current Panorama of the Chinese textile industry and the way for Brazilian companies achieve the largest market in the world” – Jiang Hui, Chairman of CCCT – China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textile and Apparel

16:00 – “How to be a player the international market even if it is small?” – Mauro Jose Pereira – Abravest

17:00 – “The Brazilian taxation of international trade in goods” – Marcelo Granato – BGR Lawyers

17:30 – “Financing for innovation projects” – Gilberto Fioravante – Develops SP

18:00 – “Anticipation of receivables for micro, small and medium enterprises” – Junior Stocco – Federal Invest

18:30 – “Summer Trends 2016” – Iolanda Wultz – Jeanswear Guide

18:30 – Debate: “Green Textile – The best sustainable practices in the textile industry” – Mediators: Vivi Haydu – Revista Textiles & Hélvio Jr. – EMF

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