Ecotece seminar is the highlight of the Gotex Show 2013 parallel programming



Seminar organized by Ecotece Institute will prioritize issues related to sustainability in the textile production chain

The first edition of “ Gotex Show – International Fair of Textile Products “, which takes place between 23 and 25 October 2013, at the Anhembi Convention Center in Sao Paulo (SP), highlights in their parallel programming the “ Ecotece Seminar ” organized by Ecotece Institute that will address various topics related to sustainability in the textile production chain.


Among the proposed topics for the seminar are: “The principles of conscious dress”; “Raw materials, sustainable technology and services linked to fashion and its social, economic and environmental”; “Creating sustainable textiles and tools to make them beautiful, functional and with greater environmental efficiency”; and “Social responsibility and its benefits”, among others.


For the promoters of the “ Gotex Show 2013,” The seminar is justified by the importance that sustainability has achieved around the world, in various sectors and especially in the textile production sector. “Today companies are looking for a more ‘clean’ collection, is the fiber segment, yarn, fabric or finished products. Consumers are more demanding and concerned about preserving the planet, always giving preference to companies that are friends of the body and the environment. For this reason, we believe it is of great importance that the ‘ Gotex Show 2013′ open space for the textile production chain to accelerate its search for cleaner production, “says Pan Faming, director of Group China Trade Center, one of the promoters of the event.


Believing in the importance of sustainability in the textile production chain, the organizers and promoters of the event were seeking in the market an entity that has an important history in the search for sustainability in the textile sector and come down to the Ecotece Institute .

By national and international recognition of the work done over the past eight years, the Ecotece was chosen to coordinate the choice of lectures and lecturers, besides taking care of the organization of “ Ecotece Seminar” in partnership with the organizers of “ Gotex Show 2013″.

About Ecotece Institute

The Ecotece Institute is a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest – OSCIP , founded in September 2005, whose mission is to generate creative solutions in fashion that promote conscious dress with the development of sustainable products and educational practices. The Institute acts on three fronts: Creation Agency and Knowledge Conscious Dress generating content for publications, courses, lectures, workshops, dynamics group and development of unique products; Social Projects , which deals with development projects that enhance the care of nature, the value of hands and income generation; and Products through collections of shirts and eco-friendly products that generate income and communicate the organization’s values.

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