Still not convinced that you need to visit GOTEX SHOW? Then check out 10 reasons to visit the fair:

#1 – Exhibitors from leading textile poles of the world will be at Gotex SHOW! Get acquainted with news in raw materials, finished products and technology innovation in the market.



#2 – Support for entrepreneurs before, during and after the International Fair GOTEX SHOW.



#3 – During the international fair Gotex SHOW, you can increase your network in the Business Lounge. Interpreters will be at your disposal throughout the period.



#4 – Content for the new scenario of the fashion market.



#5 – Only at Gotex SHOW you will see the future brazilians designers exhibiting their creativity to the world! Come and see the end of the NEW DESIGNERS BRAZIL contest.



#6 – Visit the GOTEX SHOW and win an Apple Watch! Learn more here.



#7 – The crisis is temporary and you need to be prepared for the future. Meet new suppliers and get to know new technologies in the textile market at GOTEX SHOW!



#8 – Exhibition of new technologies such as the tissue that warms in the cold and cools in the heat.



#9 – FREE transportation to GOTEX SHOW! Yeah, you read it right. Learn more about it here.



#10 – Interchange between international raw material and the brazilian talent!